Session 43 – Return To Old Waters

On Tuesday, 8th September, I set off to visit one of my ‘old’ club’s pools (GH) not having been on any of those waters since mid-June arriving around 0745.

2015-09-08 01

I arrived to a very misty environment, and even the tree on the island you can see in the photo was barely discernable at that time – and the air temp was just 10C.

I was baited/tackled up/cast out by 0815, fishing two leger rods both with 8lb line and size 6 hooks. One rod cast out about 4-5 rod lengths straight out and baited with meat or cheesepaste, the other rod out on the edge of an overhanging tree to the right with prawn as the bait… the prawn rod was really my ‘main’ rod of the session as I was hoping for perch and chub, as good fish of those species are in that area.

I packed in 1430 – earlier than I had planned – mainly due to the temperatures. I was facing directly in to the breeze and even though air temps did rise a little it just seemed to get cooler and cooler – and I was dressed for ‘autumn’ rather than ‘winter’ fishing….

Anyway, I did catch plus lost 3 fish on hook pulls and missed several ‘unmissable’ bobbin-smashing-to-the-butt-and-reel-unwinding’ takes…

Catch: 3 x common carp (2-15 [meat], 3-04 [prawn] and 3-01 [meat]) plus a bream of 1-10 [cheesepaste].

2015-09-08 Steve 2lb 15oz Common Carp
2lb 15oz Common Carp
2015-09-08 Steve 3lb 4oz Common Carp
3lb 4oz Common Carp


2015-09-08 Steve 1lb 10oz Bream
1lb 10oz Bream


Air:  10C rising to 13.6C
Water: 16.5C rising to 16.7C

ScreenHunter_55 Sep. 09 08.34

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