Session 41 – Mixed Bag

Tuesday 1st September saw me heading off to a mixed fishery (VV)… and indeed not the pool I’d intended to fish the day before due to weather conditions and the forecast weather for the day itself. The original venue tends to be muddy normally and after heavy rain on the previous day. And the forecast (wrongly as it happened as it turned out to be a really beautiful day) for more of the same wasn’t the best scenario imaginable due to swim locations and setting up brollies, etc.

But as I said the forecast turned out to be way off the mark and on arrival at 0630…

2015-09-01 01

… and as the sun rose…

2015-09-01 05

And it would have been a good day for the float rod …. BUT, due to that forecast, I’d been expecting to be sitting under my shelter most of the day and so I only took my leger rods and had taken the float rod out. And so it was two rods on the alarms for the day, fishing 8lb line with 1/3oz leads on each – and one baited with worm and maggot on a size 12 hook and the other with various baits over the day on a size 6 – meat, prawn, and sweetcorn all tried.

Anyway, plenty of fish landed although nothing of note – and, in fact, most were in the ‘tiny’ category – ‘tiny’ being defined as 1oz or less, ‘small’ as 1oz-4oz) – a summary follows later.

Sweetcorn failed to get a single nibble, meat resulted in many knocks/nudges and was being nibbled away by the smaller fish in general, prawn resulted in some really good screaming takes … and worm and maggot by far took the most fish.

Anyway, being September now its time to start recording temperatures of air and water again ….
Air temp at 0600 was 10.5C, 0900 was 17C, midday (in direct sun) was 33C
Water temp rose from 17.1 at 0900 to 19C at 1600.

Catch list:

Common Carp ca 2lb – worm/maggot
Common Carp 3lb 4oz – prawn
Common Carp 2lb 15oz – meat
Brown Goldfish 1lb 2oz – worm/maggot
Perch 12oz – prawn
Bream 12oz – worm/maggot

4 gudgeon – worm/maggot
14 tiny perch – worm/maggot
1 small perch – worm/maggot
1 small roach – worm/maggot

12oz Bream
12oz Bream
12oz Perch
12oz Perch (very pale in colour)
2lb 15oz Common Carp
2lb 15oz Common Carp
3lb 4oz Common Carp
3lb 4oz Common Carp
1lb 2oz Brown Goldfish
1lb 2oz Brown Goldfish

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