Session 38 – Tenching Again….

Tuesday 11th August saw me back at the pool, same swim as my previous session.

Usual prelims performed, including baiting up with bright red coloured groundbait mixed firm and with a new additive – slightly crushed floating pond pellets added at the final stage of mixing in order to remain dry when being throw out and thus, as the groundbait balls broke up on the bottom they would be released and rise to the surface – ie basically creating a ‘super-active’ groundbait.

Again, two ledger rods on buzzers, one with a size 12 hook baited with worm tipped with mid-body cross-hooked maggot to prevent the worm escaping the barbless hook, the other with a size 10 hook tried with luncheon meat and sweetcorn  baits.

At the end of the day (arrived 0615, first casts at 0715, wound in for final time at 1530) I’d taken four tench of 3lb 5oz, 3lb 10oz, 3lb 10oz and 4lb 1oz along with 6 perch to 8oz, 2 rudd to 4oz and a solitary 1oz roach. I also had something have a swirl at a sweetcorn bait being retrieved… :)

Bittersweet day in that I did get the 4lb+ tench I was looking for but was rather hoping for a 4-02 or better … but the 4-01 did equal my PB so not too bad!! :)

Also interesting is that ALL the fish again came to worm/maggot, neither meat not sweetcorn attracting anything other than a few very minor twitches over the entire day… in fact, I’ve yet to have a decent take, let alone to catch anything, IIRC, on ANY BAIT other than maggot/worm baits at this venue…

2015-08-11 Steve 3lb 5oz Tench
3lb 5oz Tench
2015-08-11 Steve 3lb 10oz Tench
3lb 10oz Tench
2015-08-11 Steve 4lb 1oz Tench
4lb 1oz Tench

2015-08-11 A Handy Sized Perch
A Handy Sized Perch

A few wild life sights of the day…..

2015-08-11 Buzzard
One Of A Pair Of Buzzards
2015-08-11 Seagulls
A Flock Of Seagulls

NOTE: Do not confuse A Flock Of Seagulls with A Flock Of Seagulls … LOL!

Also on YouTube ( is a 25 minute video, part of a 3 hour recording, of some underwater action taken on the day… check out the video at 24:40 when a pike passes by… :)

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