Session 35 – Return To Big Pool

Friday 24th July saw a return to Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool for the second visit of the week….

Weather forecast for the day wasn’t very good – and turned out to be correct unfortunately – and although it was OK as I left the house a few spots of rain first fell about a mile from the venue but I was fortunate enough to be able to get the brolly up before the heaviest started to fall.

I arrived at the car park at around 0615, unpacked the car and headed to the waterside – targeting the same swim as the earlier session of the week. I noted another car on the car park – and spotted the angler on the opposite bank when I got to the water.

On arrival at the swim at around 0630 the usual swim-baiting was performed and the tackle set up – two ledger rods on alarms, one with a size 12 hook baited with dendrobaena worm and tipped with maggot, the other with a size 6 with bread and hot chilli frankfurter sausage pieces as bait.

I actually started fishing at around 0715 and very shortly landed the first of three small perch, and during the rest of the session until I packed in at 1300, being very wet and starting to shiver, I had two tench of 3lb 9oz and 3lb 1oz all on the worm rod. I did have several takes on bread too, one of which was connected with on the strike but I then suffered a hook pull and I also had a small roach foul hooked in the side on the bread rod too. Chili sausage elicited a few nudges but nothing of note….

Most of the ‘action’ occurred between 0700 and 1000, and between 1000 and 1300 I had only 3 nudges in total on both rods – hence why I packed in early having intended to stay until 1600 or thereabouts initially, that and the shivering – prudence and valour and all that – live/stay fit to fish another day, or more exactly, fish on Monday. Probably at one of my other club’s pools – pools that I’ve neglected since becoming a Kinver Freeliner so a revisit will be good :)

2015-07-24 Steve 3lb 9oz Tench
3lb 9oz Tench
2015-07-24 Steve 3lb 1oz Tench
3lb 1oz Tench

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