Session 33 – Re-View’ing With Liz

Friday 17th July 2015 I returned to Valley View with Liz on a day forecast to be dry albeit windy… the dry bit was slightly wrong in that we did have a few drops of drizzle… but the windy bit was SO true… actually quite a heavy breeze… but we chose our swims accordingly so that a line of bushy conifers lay at our backs between us and the main force.

We arrived at around 0800 and found one other angler already there, another angler arrived probably around 0930 and left around 1300 just as couple arrived…. and we tackled down at 1630 and headed to the Round Oak at Wombourne and then to the Navigation at Greensforge for a couple of beers on the way home…

I fished mainly on the float, laying-on/lift method, using worm, sweetcorn and bread, but also had a few short sessions on a floating bread setup.

Liz fished one rod with swimfeeder (filled with groundbait) and sweetcorn as bait…

Results of the day…

Liz had a 2lb 8oz common carp, a gudgeon and a number of nice sized roach and also suffered a hook pull on what would probably have been her best fish of the day…

2015-07-17 Liz 2lb 8oz Carp
Liz With 2lb 8oz Common Carp

Myself, I had tench of 2lb 8oz (worm) and 2lb 0oz tench (bread), bream of 2lb 0oz and 2lb 11oz (both bread), common carp 2lb 0oz (bread) and a chub of 2lb 9oz (floating bread)… and I too also suffered a hook pull on what would probably have been my day’s best fish which took floating bread… however, after the 2lb carp fought WELL above its weight (we were expecting a good 5-6lb fish at LEAST to come to the net given how long it took to surrender)!

2015-07-17 Steve 2lb 11oz Bream 02
2lb 11oz Bream


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