Session 31 – Promising Starts…

Tuesday 7th July 2015 and I was back at Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool for a second visit arriving at around 0630…. This time with a lightened tackle load – no barrow, no big bags, etc just my Wychwood rucksack, small Puma bag, light chair, 18 litre bucket and my 5-rod quiver with 4 rods…. and the journey from car park to water was far easier plus the return journey that had previously necessitated making the trip in sections taking half my tackle 50 yards and then walking back for the rest and thus working my way slowly back to the car but still risking heart attacks, became a one stop for a couple of minutes type journey.

2015-07-07 01 2015-07-07 02

The weather for the day was forecast mixable with rain and sunshine and so I elected to use, rather than my usual laying-on method with the float rod, two rods legered on alarms… 1.75lb TC Avon Barbel rods with 8lb line and size 12 barbless hooks. Baits of the day were maggot and worm.

So arriving at my chosen swim (the same swim as my previous visit) the usual baiting up was performed and tackle set out before the first cast was made at 0730. And first fish of the day was landed within five minutes, a nice tench of 3lb 13oz…

2015-07-07 Steve 3lb 13oz Tench
3lb 13oz Tench

And so it seemed to be the start of a good day… but by my packing up time at 1500 I had only two more tench of 2lb 4oz and 2lb 11oz…. plus a couple of small perch and a couple of small rudd…

2015-07-07 Steve 2lb 4oz Tench
2lb 4oz Tench
2015-07-07 Steve 2lb 11oz Tench
2lb 11oz Tench

Weather, as expected, was mixable and, as usual, when starting to pack up sky was blue and cloudless but halfway through the process, and after putting the brolly away, the skies darkened and the heaviest shower of the day occurred leaving me soaked… and on arrival back at the car it was back to the blue skies….

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