Session 30 – Back To The Lodges

Friday 3rd July 2015 – and Liz and I headed back to Woodland Lodge (Pool 2 – Member’s Only) arriving a little before 0800 and, as the only souls there – as we were all day long – we got on to our intended pegs with ease. The particular swims were chosen as they are at the more featuresome end of the pool with an island and overhanging vegetation – and it is the oldest part of the pool, the rest of the pool being a relatively recent emlargement that is devoid of bushes, etc and far more open. And also, being a scorchingly hot day, the trees behind us gave us respite from the sun’s direct rays.

2015-07-03 01

So swims were baited up, stations set up and rods tackled and baited and firsts casts were made around 0830…

And first blood of the day came to Liz with a super-gudgeon taken on feeder and maggot…

2015-07-03 Liz Gudgeon 02 2015-07-03 Liz Gudgeon 01

And over the rest of the day Liz also had small perch and an eel – which I taught her to mesmerise for unhooking..

Myself, legering worm and maggot baits, had 3 eels (best 8-10oz), many perch (to about 8-10oz) and a couple of small roach.

So nothing big but a very enjoyable day – and it was made even more so by the stopping at The Fox at Shipley for a couple of pints of Wychwood’s Hobgoblin Gold…. :)

My next outing is planned for Tuesday 7th …not sure where yet though… deciding on whether to re-visit Dudmaston Big Pool or a water that I’ve not yet been to…

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