Session 30 – Delayed!!

So I *HAD* planned to return, with lightened load, to Dudmaston Big Pool today BUT yesterday on going out to the car to drop some rubbish off at the local tip I discovered the car battery was as flat as a pancake… no dashboard lights, no window operation, no radio output (although the radio was still enabled as it seems there was enough power to keep the security code intact within), and certainly not enough power to start the engine… and I had to manually use the key to open doors, etc.

Anyway, I put the charger on the battery asap but it took 10 hours of charging before the car would start during which time I’d ordered a new battery anyway just in case and, as I had to await delivery of that today, I had to give up my plans to get to the waterside.

But battery arrived in good time and is now fitted and the car running well – well, actually better than it did previously as the loss of power caused a reset of the in-car processing system that manages the fuel-air mix and controls of other services and has resulted in a renewed better performance… NOTE to self: do an annual battery disconnection!!

So now plans are to fish on Friday – whether its Big Pool or elsewhere will have to be seen as it depends on Liz and if she wants to fish and, if so, where she fancies going…

So, today, I’m going to watch ‘Big Fish’ ( again and try not to cry at the end for once!! LOL!

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