Session 28 – New Waters II

Friday, 19th June 2015 and Liz and myself head off to another new water (WL) courtesy of our new Kinver Freeliners membership but we have both actually visited the venue before as there are two pools on site, one of which is available to fish on a day ticket and we have done so on a previous occasion. However, this trip saw us visiting the larger ‘Members Only’ pool….

2015-06-19 Heron 03

Setting off from home at 0700 we arrived on site at around 0745 and were glad to find that the track from the day ticket pool down to the member’s pool was passable by vehicle – as the pools lie at the bottom of an incline in meadowland then in wet conditions it can a problem to get a vehicle safely up the track without churning up the ground or, worse, getting the vehicle stuck and so the vehicle has to be parked on the gravel track near pool 1 and tackle carried to pool 2..

So, anyway, we drove down to the end of pool 2 and had a look around the area before unpacking the tackle… the pool itself was showing some weed growth in areas – and we’d noticed that the day ticket pool was pretty much full too – of what looked like potamogeton natans although I can’t be 100% sure on that :)

Anyway, we located two pegs/swims that suited us, transported the tackles over from the car and we set up ready for the day ahead whilst watching a few carp leaping round and the ducks chasing the heron (that can be seen on the island in the photo above) around, no piece for the wicked it seemed and the ducks seemed to detect evil! LOL!

Liz used her usual swimfeeder rigs with maggot, boilies, and meat baits thoughout the day whilst I started off with dendro worms on a size 12 hook fished just off the bushes to my left and bread on a size 4 cast to the edge of an overhanging branch to my right. Later I changed from the bread to maggot on a size 12.

First blood came to Liz with a small perch to start a nice day out with both of us having several nice roach and perch (and, in fact, Liz had new PBs for roach [12oz] – and perch [10oz])… and 3 eels of around 4oz-6oz for me.

2015-06-19 Liz 10oz Perch
Liz with new PB 10oz Perch

And on my last cast of the day I unfortunately lost what would easily have been the best fish of the day when my left hand bobbin shot up and reel hit backwind at the rate of knots, lifting the rod I connected momentarily with a good sized fish but then the line fell slack and when retrieved it seemed that a overhand wind knot had formed just above the hooklength link connector and the line had snapped at this weakened point… :(

Anyway, we enjoyed the day, loved the pool and will be back again soon no doubt!

My next outing will most likely be Tuesday 23rd when I intend to visit what is KF’s premiere fishery – Dudmaston Hall’s Big Pool for a tench session… and on Saturday I’m visiting the same venue on one of the three annual overnight eel sessions that the National Trust has allowed the club to have – as normally there is no night fishing allowed on NT property.

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