Session 26 – Carping On…

Friday 12th June 2015 and Liz and I were off on our first carp session of the year… and so first (and only) stop of the day was one of the club’s local carp pools…

Arriving at 0730 on a beautifully sunny but slightly overcast day we found there were two cars already on the car park and so we were relieved to find that the pegs we wanted to fish were both vacant and quickly headed to swims and prepped ready to cast in which we did around 0800.

Both of us used two 11’ 1.75lb TC Avon Barbel rods with 8lb main line but I elected to use a straight link leger approach using size 4 hooks with bread as bait – I did try sausage on one rod but after a long period of inactivity I also baited that rod with bread too – with one rod cast over an area about 30-40 yards out that had been spombed with my usual base feed mix with added hemp, corn, and wheat and one about 5-6 yards out to the left over an area that had been unfed but in which ‘bubblers’ were evident – and Liz elected to use a swimfeeder with maggot bait on size 12 hook on both her rods.

We both caught – although we had nothing of size, the largest fish of the day falling to Liz at 3lb 14oz – and Liz also caught several small bream.

So in chronological order of catching:

  • 3lb 6oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 2lb 8oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 14oz Common Carp – Liz
  • 2lb 6oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 2lb 5oz Common Carp – Liz
  • 3lb 1oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 0oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 2oz Mirror Carp – Liz
  • 2lb 15oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 2oz Common Carp – Liz
  • 0lb 10oz Bream – Liz
  • 0lb 10oz Bream – Liz
  • 2lb 9oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 0oz Common Carp – Steve
  • 3lb 9oz Mirror Carp – Steve
  • 0lb 8oz Bream – Liz

And at around 1500 the forecast shower started – however, as a shower it was rather longer than expected and as we packed in for the day at 1600 it was still raining…

Next week – well…. the Kinver Freeliners’ cards arrived this morning so my next outing will most likely be to a KF water… and as it will be on Tuesday and that day being the 16th, the open day of the river season, I’ll be avoiding the river – and most likely will do so for a week or more at least – also some of the pools that were closed during the river’s close season will be re-opening at the same time – but again I’ll probably not go to those either in the coming week – instead I’ll most probably head to one of  the waters that have been open during these past months and thus hopefully will be quieter now as everyone heads off to those that have become freshly available…

2 responses to “Session 26 – Carping On…”

  1. Jeeeeez, that sesh sounds like ‘(bored to) death by carp’. 13 carp, all between 2/9 and 3/9!! Must get a tad predictable?? Just as well you’ve now got new, and decent (so they say) carp waters eh.


    1. Nah… was a really enjoyable day all in all – great weather (slightly overcast and warm) – and action all day long.
      As you know, for me, I just enjoy being there, no targets, no pressure, those went from my life with the start of retirement. So, any fish are a bonus – and not really that bothered by size although bigger is better to some extent – but if they’d been 8oz-1lb or 10lb-20lb I’d have enjoyed it all the same albeit to slighty different degrees. As I enjoyed catching the 50+ small perch the other day…. All good clean fun… :)


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