Session 25 – 50 Perch For 1 Kilo…..

Tuesday 9th June and I was back at the silvers/tench pool – and it felt good!! Due to a bad knee (suspected arthritis) playing up and bad weather over the past two weeks it was the first trip back to the waterside.

A beautiful day with mist rolling off the water on arrival at 0630 I was surprised to see a covering of frost lying on the surface of the grass – I knew the overnight temps had dipped but had not expected it to have dropped to the point of frosts. But on the carp pool adjoining the silvers/tench pool the carp were active with rolling and jumping and a few bubblers were evident as I drove past.

2015-06-09 Oak Pool 01

Anyway, I drove down to my usual swim on the other pool and tackled up per usual with my 13’ float rod, 6lb mainline, 6lb hooklength  to size 12 hook and a 4AAA rated driftbeater float set up for lift method. And, of course, before doing that all other preps had been done (nets/weighing/camera/seat/bait waiter set up, swim baited up, etc).

So, first cast was made at 0700, with a bunch of 5 maggots on the hook, and within seconds the float dipped and the first perch of the day came to hand – a little fellow of perhaps 1oz… and so the day continued, until I packed in at 1615, in similar vein.. and worm bait was tried, hook changed from 12 with 5 maggots or worm to a 16 with 2 or maggots … and the swim was constantly fed with a few maggots each and every cast. And by the end of the day I must have had over 50 perch (stopped actually counting at 25 at 1300), missed at least that number of bites and had the same number or more drop the hook. However biggest was possibly 8oz with 2nd biggest at 4oz… the rest all falling between less than an ounce up to about 2oz….

So, a pleasant day out and extremely enjoyable to be back on the banks despite the failure of the larger fish to show up… and hopefully get back out with the rods on Friday which at the moment is looking likely with the forecast for the day having changed from ‘light rain’ to bright sunshine – so possibly a carping day with Liz is on the cards :).

2015-06-09 Steve 4oz Perch
4oz Perch
2015-06-09 Steve 8oz Perch
8oz Perch


2015-06-09 Barlow's Pool 02
The Swim

AND – some good news – we received a phone call in the week from the secretary of Kinver Freeliners AC saying that our names had come up on the waiting list after a 4 year wait and there were places for us if we still wanted them… WHAT A QUESTION!! LOL! … I mean, did I want to retire from work? Well, having counted the days down from 6th Sept 1955 to that, then this was just as joyous news if not more!! And so, at the moment the application forms, etc for Liz and myself have been submitted and are now duly awaiting the arrival of our KF club cards…

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