Wednesday 3rd June – Knees, Winds and Birthdays…..

Well, not been out since Tuesday 26th May as the Friday 29th planned outing had to be abandoned due to possible arthritis in my left knee. The pains started a couple of weeks ago after cutting the lawns but reached a climax on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th when I could barely walk… luckily I had a doctor’s appointment booked for Friday 29th for my diabetes and so got it looked at… and got a referral to the Radiology Dept at the hospital for an X-ray which I went and got done on Monday and now awaiting results in 10-14 days time.

Anyway, as it happens, the knee improved over the weekend a bit – although after an hour’s walking its still starting to pain – and I’d planned a trip out for the Tuesday (2nd) of this week but the forecast – and actual weather – with high winds curtailed that….

And, as its Liz’s 40th birthday tomorrow Thursday 4th, for which we’ve an evening meal booked and have planned to go for a day out on Friday, which as its my/our usual fishing day, that means another opportunity to go fishing slips past.

So looking at the possibility of going Sunday – although garden jobs may need to get done probably – with grass uncut for three weeks its getting to the point of no return plus there’s a patch I still need to dig and plant… so probably try to get those jobs out of the way to leave next week clear and possibly try to slip in another short session then in addition to the usual couple of trips….

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