Session 23 – A Dave Clark Five Day

And so it came to pass that on Friday 22nd May I headed back to the silvers/tench pool… a little later than usual as I had to attend a doctor’s appointment at 0840 and so I didn’t arrive there until 0930 but I was quickly set up to use my usual lift method and was making my first cast of the day at 1000 having baited the swim with the usual base + particle mix.

2015-05-22 Barlows Pool

Bites were in plenty throughout the day – 4 out of 5 casts resulted in bites, and of those that didn’t it was found that the hook was baitless – the worm or maggot bait either having been ‘stolen’ from the hook or come adrift on the cast. However, the fish causing the action were small – mainly perch in the 0.5oz to 2oz range and I managed to catch 7 of the blighters plus a roach of around 3oz and a small gudgeon…

 IMG_0958 IMG_0959

… and, on the last cast of the day having lost a good fish on the previous cast when the hook came adrift, a bream of 2lb 11oz came to the net.

And so, it was a real ‘Bits & Pieces’ day… (

Nice to see the perch though – they seemed to have disappeared and apart from the 2lb 8oz one I caught a few weeks back I hadn’t one from there at all since summer 2013. Quite strange really, as from summer 2013 through the whole of 2014 the only species I was catching there was tench, tench and more tench even throughout that winter …

And… I fished the same swim 3 times in 14 days … first session threw up mainly tench with a couple of bream and barbel, the second one gave several bream and barbel but not one tench, and this third session small perch, roach and gudgeon and a single bream… just shows that because a swim produces well today that there’s no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow.

I noticed the pool water was extremely clear too – I could see the bottom (3’-4’ deep) a rod length out from the bank – don’t remember ever being able to do that before as usually the water is quite murky with a clay looking colour…

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