Session 22 – A Mixed Grill But With Tench Off The Menu.

Friday, 15th May… its decided that after the results of my Tuesday endeavours at the tench pool that Liz and I will go there for the day. Liz was originally earlier in the week drawn towards going to another pool after carp but as I say the results tempted her away.

So we set off from home at 0700 and just a little after 0800 our first casts are made with I fishing my usual swim and Liz in the next one along, both swims facing an end of a small island. I elect to fish my usual laying-on method with mainly maggot bunches and occasional worm baits on size 12 and 14 hooks whilst Liz fishes 2 rods – one laying-on using maggot bait and the other a leger rod with a small feeder with meat/maggots.

The start of the day was slow for me, two nudges until I had one small fish of a few ounces which came adrift from the hook at around 1015 and had my first landed fish at 1130 but it was even worse for Liz who blanked and only had a couple of decent bites on either rod all session through to our packing up at 1700.

Yes, slow start for me but after that things did pick up a bit and few fish were landed…

1130 – 4lb 2oz Chub

2015-05-15 Steve 4lb 2oz Chub
4lb 2oz Chub

1145 – 1lb 6oz Barbel – and as I picked her up from the landing net she started squirting roe and so was quickly returned to the water.

1300 – 3lb 0oz Bream

1340 – Snapped on strike – struck at bite but felt nothing and saw bait was gone whilst retrieving the line but actually hook was missing too. Up to this point I had been fishing bunches of 6 maggots or worms on  the size 12 hook but took the opportunity to use a size 14 hook as a replacement and used 3 maggot bunches.

1420 – 3lb 3oz Bream

2015-05-15 Steve 3lb 3oz Bream
3lb 3oz Bream

1500 – 3lb 0oz Bream

1520 – 2lb 6oz Barbel

2lb 6oz Barbel
2lb 6oz Barbel

1545 – Bream of around 3lb lost as it rolled on surface and threw hook.

1620 – 3lb 2oz Bream

1700 – Packed up for the day.

Surprising, after Tuesday’s foray when 10 tench came to the net, that there was not one caught on this session at all.

It was a nice day out with sunshine and little breeze and probably be nicest day that I’ve fished on this year with no need to put the coat’s hoodie up to protect from cool breezes on the back of the neck etc.

Next session – well, hopefully Tuesday but Liz tells me that the weather forecast is not good – nor for next Friday either – and, in fact, I’ve just looked at the BBC Weather website and rain all week bar on Thursday.. oh well, just have to see what the days bring I suppose… :)

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