Session 19 – Of The Lack Of Tench And Others

And so, it being the 5th May, and now being back home from our Welsh trip I was eager to wet my line back in the club’s waters and so I sallied forth with tackle to the tench/silvers pool arriving there on the start of a bright morning at 0700…

05-05-15 Bright Start… having elected to fish a different swim from usual and changing from the usual floatfishing tactics I use on this water generally over to a double leger rod setup on the rod pod. I had fished this swim once before with reasonable success but that time had been slightly marred by an old rope that stretched from shore to island that had come adrift of its fitting at one end, had sunk and was snagging line and causing fish to get lost.

[We have cormorant problems on this pool and the ropes were instated as a measure to try to protect the fish stocks. Cormorants need a long clear run to get airborne and the ropes were instated across the pool, between swims to try to dissuade them. However, as I say, one of the ropes on this swim had become detached from the tree it was attached to and had sunk across the swim…]

But on the cessation of that session I had commandeered the rowing boat that is kept at the pool for maintenance purposes and had rowed out to the island and managed to get the other end of that rope and removed it completely.. and on returning to shore had fallen out into the water attempting to disembark… I think I’ve used that boat 4 times and have twice had to retrieve myself from the waters… DOH!!

And so, back to the session, as I say the fishing started off on a bright morning although the skies had been overcast with some drizzle on the way down… and I baited up the swim, prepared tackle and my ‘station’ and cast in just a little before 0800 using a paste bait that I was testing on a size 4 hook to 6lb main line on one rod, and worm on a size 12 hook again on 6lb main line…

However, there was not much action fishing wise until 1000 when I had the first of a few plucks on both rods – by this time I had changed the paste to a prawn bait – but the weather was a very different story – a cool/cold wind picked up with several short sharp showers that persisted throughout the rest of the day until I eventually packed up at around 1400 having changed back from prawn to paste, cast out and, due to the wind from behind,  overcasting into the bushes on the island and had to pull for a break, then re-tackled and overcast again resulting in having to break free again. At that point I decided to call it a day…

05-05-15 Rainy Day 03

So, over my session I had a few tugs (but possibly most were line bites) and no decent takes at all…

Next outing on Friday 8th… Liz doesn’t think she’ll fish this week so I’m thinking of heading to one of the carp pools and one in particular where the chances of a good tench or perch are also high.

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