Not Really A Blog – Just To Explain Why There Is No Blog… LOL!!!

I’ve been unable to get to the waterside this week – apart from last Sunday (19th April) when I attended one of the club’s working party days – and quite honestly I didn’t actually do too much – other than resolve the overhanging foliage in my usual swim that has resulted in a few fish escaping when the rod tip has gotten caught up but that was just a few minutes work with ladders and my loppers… I also did a wander around and trimmed up a few swims but the pool is quite well maintained and we have a sit-on mower which the club sec was traversing the pool in and cutting the main areas around. The main job of the day was the fitting of a ‘scaffold and plank’ island in the pool in order to (a) provide fish with a sanctuary away from the visiting cormorants and (b) to house the solar panels that will power the soon to be installed aeration system for the pool. However, there is a limit to the number of people who could actually work from the boats for the actual platform build (and I’m useless with my hands anyway) and so I devoted myself to pulling the rope attached boats out to the island and pulling back for re-loading of materials – and not too good at that due to my hearing problems and thus quite often being told the boat people were calling me to pull them in, etc… And in the end I had to leave with work still in progress due to other commitments.

And the other reason I’ve not fished this week is due to getting ready for Liz’s and mine annual camping trip to the Gower which is quite involved as we are NOT rough and ready campers – in fact we have a 30′ x 12′ tent just for the two of us with cookers, hotplates, heaters, etc… in fact, once its erected I reckon we could apply for a Tourist Board Star Rating – and get granted 3 Stars easily! :D

And so, as we’re away for the next week, no coarse fishing will be done until at least Monday 4th May – and as that is a Bank Holiday day then most likely the first trip will be on the Tuesday 5th… However, I have loaded our sea tackle with the intention, as per usual on the Gower trip, to do a bit of pier fishing… the difference this year being that we intend to try our luck from Porthcawl Pier rather than Mumbles Pier which is our usual location.

So next the proper blog will be a report on the results of that session – and any other sessions that may take place – but it/they will most likely be published after our return as typing on an android tablet is not my most pleasurable experience and thus the writing up will be done on the PC when we have returned home.

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