Session 17 – Ruddy Slow Day But Could Have Been Worse

Friday 10th April and destination was once again, for the second time this week, our club’s ‘silver’s’ pool (B) aiming to fish the same swim as I did on the previous sessions using the same laying-on style as used on my previous visits.

On arrival I went through the usual routine – bait up – set up fishing station with various bits needed (unhooking mat with scales/Germolene/forceps at hand, landing net, camera on bankstick for selfies, etc) – and only then do I start setting up rods and lines. Nothing is worse in my opinion that casting out, having a fish on, and nothing is ready for the landing, unhooking and/or recording of it – so much prefer to have all that sorted before I even set up the rod(s).

Bait for the day was dendrobaena worm as usual, fished over a bed of my usual groundbait/particle mix regularly topped up with more mix and catapults of maggots.

Anyway, the day was quite pleasant although around midday a coolish and difficult breeze started up – and it seemed to have an effect on the fish too…

All in all it was a quiet day bite-wise – I started fishing at 0725 and had the first bite of the day around an hour later – unfortunately I suffered a hook pull but slime on the hooklength indicated a tench or bream, most likely the former… a couple of missed bites the occurred until at 0950 the first fish of the day was landed – a small (2oz possibly) rudd was landed…

2015-04-10 Steve - Rudd 01
20z Rudd

And this was followed by a 2lb 15oz Tench at 1005 and a 3lb 7oz one at 1220 with a few missed bites, pluckings and knocks in the interval between.

2lb 15 oz Tench
2lb 15 oz Tench
3lb 7oz Tench
3lb 7oz Tench

However, at around 1230 the aforementioned breeze started and between 1230 and 1550, apart from a few minor bobs of the float, the swim went completely dead and when the first proper bite came a tench of around 2lb-3lb was hooked but rolled at the surface and shed the hook… but then at 1600 another bite was successfully connected to and a tench of 2lb 11oz landed.

2lb 11oz Tench
2lb 11oz Tench

However, at this point I had to tackle home and head for home otherwise I’d have stayed on a bit longer as it seemed perhaps a feeding spell had just started…


Time               Air                  Water

0725                 7.2                    13.1
0825                 8.0                    13.0
0925               15.0                   13.2
1035               17.8                    13.3
1125               21.2                    13.5
1225               28.0                    13.8
1335               27.6                   14.4
1430               23.3                    14.0
1610               26.3                    14.4


ScreenHunter_42 Apr. 11 09.58

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