Session 13 – Start Of The ‘General’ Fishing

Thursday 2nd April and I was off to a club pool (LA1) that I’d not visited for a while in search of general coarse fish…

2015-04-02 01

… and arriving at a little after 0800, I headed to my intended peg with I baited up two areas with my standard groundbait base mix with added halibut pellets, particles, and maggots and wetted with blitzed lamb’s liver.

Area 1 was just off the left of picture just off the outer edge of a overhanging willow tree, area 2 directly in front and at around 5 rod lengths out.

Fished from 0830 to 1500 – using worms (lob and dendro), prawn, bread with peanut butter, sausage and even tried a half smelt as a test for perch bait – not a touch on either rod to any of the tried baits!

However, not really surprising as this is probably our ‘hardest’ water – a match weight of 2lb is extremely good and generally wins competitions here. However, this actually belies the fact that the water is teeming with fish – the fisheries management team from a local college did a survey on stocks and concluded that the water is actually over-stocked! But the problem with the catching is due to the natural feed within the water – it is extremely rich in natural foods and so fish need to be weaned over to accept angler’s type baits… and the problem is basically a Catch 22… Fishing is not easy here, hence not that many people visit (mostly night syndicate carpers as the water holds many large carp and is intended to be our premiere carp water) as there are easier type waters closer to home.. hence little bait is introduced… hence fish not getting caught… hence people don’t visit…

But, sometimes, there ARE red letter days there….. and it’s a nice pool to just sit and meditate on the others :)

 2015-04-02 05 2015-04-02 04 2015-04-02 03 2015-04-02 02





Time               Air                  Water

0840                 7.9                    13.1
0940                 9.4                    13.2
1050                13.8                   13.2
1145                15.1                    13.4
1240                20.1                    13.5
1345                19.9                    13.5
1450                18.9                   13.6


ScreenHunter_36 Apr. 03 10.32

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