Been fishing – but not been at the water’s edge….

Yep, only one session so far in in 2015 whereby I’ve actually been at the water’s side… mainly due to the weather but also due to redecorating the kitchen – best done in this weather than on a bright sunny and warm day when the water’s are not at least half covered in ice…

However, I have been catching some decent fish in the meantime…. smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappies, and some very large peacock bass have figured in my catches….


The Wii!!! :)

Yep, I’ve set up the games machines again (an original version Xbox and the Wii) after they’d been off the network for a while after we had laminate flooring laid. When that was done I had to take up the cables that ran under the edges of the old carpet as they would (a) have been unsightly just laying on the floor and (b) a trip hazard as they passed doorways, etc. I had intended to lay cable trunking around the hallway and into the rooms downstairs but instead I’ve now bought a WiFi repeater that sits in the room with the games machines and other devices – well, that room is actually our living room and so our TV, TiVo, DVD recorder, Raspberry Pi media server are all in there too with various ethernet attachments – and picks up from the main router/WiFi in the hallway. Works well! :)

So I’ve been playing Rapala Tournament Fishing….

untitled rapala-tournament-fishing-20

And Rapala Fishing Frenzy…

FF_images FF_images 2

And so the fish are still coming to hand!! :D


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