Session 1 (2015) – Pool (General Coarse)

Friday, 2nd January 2015, and I set out on the first of my 2015 sessions at 0900 heading to a club pool on a general coarse fishing session rather than the usual pike session.


As can be seen from the photo a quite pleasant day to be out albeit cooler than the previous day, when the air temperatures reached over 12C, with a high of only 6.4C recorded on this day.

Most surprising was that on arrival there were already three cars parked up there – this being a pool that I’ve fished often during my 3 years with the controlling club – and usually, even mid-summer – I am – or Liz and I are – often the only ones there – and if there are 3 or 4 there it seems like the January Sales there! And over the day I calculate that 16 or more fished – people left, more came, and I counted 12 people on the pool when I left at around 1530.

Anyway, my chosen peg had already been taken but my 2nd choice – actually the peg next door was free – so I slotted in there.

I pre-baited the swim with around 250g of crumb with a few dead maggots and a few prawns whilst I prepped my ‘station’ to my liking and set up my rod for the day – my 13’ float rod with 6lb line straight through to a size 12 hook and with a 3AAA antenna float as indication. Looking around it seemed that most of the others seemed to be pike fishing – or pike fishing with another rod  being used to catch bait fish.

My baits throughout the day – bread to start, and then over the session switched to prawn, worm and prawn/worm cocktail.

Unfortunately, the day was not so good in results – sole positive being a few trembles and tiny lifts of the float – and seemingly no-one else was having much better luck although one of the pike fishers with a bait rod out did have about 3 or 4 small fish that I saw.

And… after packing up the float rod at the end of the day, I did set up the lure rod and lured for 20-30 minutes – but again no joy. However, I did only get to try from my swim as, with the pool so busy, I couldn’t move from swim to swim as I would normally have done.


The lure I lost up a tree on Monday but couldn’t reach at the time was still there – and with the longer landing net pole at hand I was able, with a bit of tree climbing out over the water, to get in contact with it BUT in the end it got detached from the tree and unfortunately fell straight into the water and sank… 7’ deep at that point. And the clamber back to land was interesting but luckily not dampening! :D So it really was farewell to it this time. However, the previously ordered replacements had arrived when I got home :)

I took my new toy (Water Wolf HD underwater camera) out with me on its first trip – and I was hoping to get some video on to YouTube and a link posted here – but I need to get the video files transferred and re-formatted from the .MOV format that the camera stores files as into .AVI format so that I can edited sequences, etc. However, just the re-format of the files is going to take something in the region of 10 or so hours – and then there’ll be the editing to cut down 4 hours of video to just the more interesting material – and then the editing of the display (contrast/brightness/etc) to create the best image… and then post on to YouTube. So, when that’s sorted I’ll have to post the YouTube link at some other time.  Anyway, a quick perusual seems indicate that I got some footage – even see some fish  around – but need to try to get a brighter image on this footage … and also I need practice to get the camera set to video the correct areas – but, as this was the first time of use, I’m happy to have got anything at all!! :) Looking for a small waterproof penlight to try as an attachment – the camera itself depends on ambient light (has no lighting) and at even 10’ the light levels are quite low so thinking of fastening a penlight to the side of the camera…??


Time               Air                  Water

0930                4.5                   7.2
1030                5.8                   7.4
1130                6.4                   7.4
1230                6.4                   7.4
1330                5.6                   7.4
1430                5.3                   7.4

ScreenHunter_34 Jan. 03 15.50

ScreenHunter_35 Jan. 03 15.50

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