Session 73 – Pike…Less

Saturday 20th December 2014 and as the heading says … another blank pike session on the pool.

One legered rod with a joey mackerel and one floatfished smelt… fished 0930-1430 .. and not one hint of interest … even from the chub.

Anyway, it was a nice day to be out with mainly blue skies and sunshine… but no-one else seemed to think so as I was the sole angler all day long.

And to add to it I’ve just deleted irreversibly my hourly voice notes from my phone… not that there was a lot of action to report but the hourly temp readings were on there… but can remember the water temps were consistent at 8.9C all session and air temps started at around 7C, rose to just over 10C and dropped back to 8.6C. So enough to do my temperature bits… :)


Time               Air                  Water

0930                7.0                    8.9
1030                                          8.9
1130                                          8.9
1230                10.0                  8.9
1330                                         8.9
1430                8.6                    8.9


ScreenHunter_31 Dec. 22 18.02

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