Session 71 – No Pike Fishing (Or Fishing But No Pike)

I was out there 0900-1430 but to no avail.

Two rods – legered smelt and legered sardine in a ruby-dubby fed area elicited not a single flicker of the line even due to an interested chub, never mind a beep of the alarm. Even injecting the sardine with lamprey oil and perforating its stomach with a baiting needle and adding a pop-up ball to the smelt to raise it 12” from the bottom halfway through the session had any effects whatsoever.

But it was a pleasant day to be out – a few strange 1-2 minute light showers from small passing grey clouds were the only interruption to an otherwise calm, bright and relatively warm day with blue skies and light white whispy clouds.

I did think of getting the lure rod for a short session at the end but decided against as I’m intending to do a lure session over the weekend on a canal anyway and thought I’d save myself for that.

2014-12-16 Thermometer At 0945 2014-12-16 01


2014-12-16 03



Time               Air                  Water

0930                 4.9                      7.0
1030                 7.3                      7.1
1130                 7.6                      7.1
1230                 6.8                      7.0
1330                 7.1                      7.1
1430                 6.4                      6.9


ScreenHunter_29 Dec. 16 19.02

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