So I’m back to getting out there with a pike trip planned for tomorrow…

The tackle is all sorted and ready to load into the car on Liz’s return from work….

My rubby-dubby mash is thawing out ready for taking a chunk off the block…

Flask and butties will be prepared later…and baits taken, still frozen, from the freezer in the morning before leaving the house.

My destination will be to my usual pike pool…

So fingers crossed that the current uptrend in temperatures will have old Esox actively feeding :)

Anyway, tomorrow may, or may not, be my only session of the week … as, although I’ll not be able to get out again during the week itself, I may get a few hours at the weekend which, if it happens, will probably be a canal trip. A few ideas in my head as to which canal to visit and which methods to use are being juggled and assessed…also whether to go Saturday or Sunday…

 Current leading contenders are:

  •  A couple of stretches of the Staffs-Worcs that I’ve not visited before – in which case the lures will be out in action as that way I can cover a length of bank and investigate for the future.
  • A selection from previously visited stretches of the Staffs-Worcs, bait fishing with the quiver-tip/bobbin rod or a couple of those stretches with the lures.
  • Or my club’s stretch of the Shropshire Union which may be with the lures or with the bait rod. A good lure stretch BUT I’ve not tried bait fishing there apart from a couple of sessions when I match fished with the club for 12 months – and that is NOT the section that I would bait fish anyway.

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