Session 70 – Short Canal Lure Session

Friday 5th December and at 0930 I headed out to the local section of the Staffs-Worcs canal – which is NOT a short canal although the title may have led you to believe so – maybe it should have been entitled ‘Long Canal, Short Session, With Lures’ as the lures weren’t short either! :D

Anyway, I arrived at the canal at around 0945 – but not the bit I’d intended to be at due to my picturing of the route in the head being a bit awry…but at least it was the intended canal… and only about a mile away from where I was intending to be.

Weather a bit mixed – from a couple of short showers to mild steady air to a cool breeze – at various points.

So, anyway, to make a short story a bit longer I just wrote this sentence… and I actually blanked totally…

I walked about half-a-mile down the extremely clear waters of the canal with a small Mepps type blade spinner then turned back and fished with a salmon smolt patterned Savage Gear 6.5cm soft lure in a green scull lip… getting back to the car around 1130… and had not had one sign of any interest or of any fish spotted.

Not sure if I’ll make it out next week – temperatures are due to plummet they tell me – and I need to get some Christmas jobs out of the way – card writing, present packing – and kitchen wallpapering. Hopefully I’ll get out one of the days for another short lure session on a canal though…

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