Session 58 – A-Pikin’ We Did Go….

Saturday 25th October and Liz and I headed out to Pike Pool 1 in search of, errrr, pike would you believe.

Arriving at the pool at around 0800 I was disappointed that my peg was already taken but the two adjacent pegs were free – well, to be honest 22 of the 24 pegs on the pool were free but we wanted to be fishing in that particular area and so…. Anyway, Liz had the swim she was destined for originally but I was in the swim to her left rather than the one to the right.

Location sorted I baited up the area around our two swims with a ‘rubby dubby’ comprising of breadcrumb mixed with blitzed herring/mackerel/sprats and sardines which had originally been used as baits last season and frozen ready for the blitzing.

And then the tackle was set up – both Liz and I set up similar sets… 1 rod with a legered sardine or herring and the other rod set up for floatfishing and baited ‘Xmas Tree’ style with a number of sprats.

And thus we fished over the course of the next few hours until around 1445…

Result for me was a total lack of any sort of pike interest being shown – but Liz did have one take on the float fished rod but unfortunately she struck too early – float had started bobbing around but no line actually being taken – and I got the blame for not having told her about timing strikes previously – and I hold my hands up in confession…

So having packed up the bait rods we got our lure rods out for a wonder around for an hour or so… both fishing Savage Gear Soft 4Play lures (19cm/52g), mine being of an Olive Pearl pattern and Liz’s of a Fungus Roach one…

Olive Pearl
Olive Pearl
Fungus Roach
Fungus Roach





… but to no avail.



Time                                       Air                                          Water

1000                                        13.9                                           11.8
1115                                         13.0                                           11.9
1240                                        13.3                                           12.0
1445                                        14.3                                           11.9



ScreenHunter_14 Oct. 26 13.02


ScreenHunter_13 Oct. 26 13.01



Well I’m intending to hit the waterside again on Tuesday, conditions being suitable of course. But exactly when and where is a case of decision-to-be-made at the moment.


  • Back to Pike Pool 1
  • Other Pike Pools
  • A canal and….
    • Dropshotting/spinning
    • Bait fishing for silvers, etc
    • Lure fishing for pike/perch
    • Baitfishing for pike…


So… will decide tomorrow probably. Tackle is at least 95% ready for any of the options whatever :)

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