Session 57 – Piking Again…

Well, before I start on this session, a quick note to say that I’ve corrected a minor error in the posting for previous entry – “Session 56 – A Short Canal Session On Spinner And Lure”. Towards the end of the posting I say that I changed to a ‘13cm lure’ when, in fact, it was a 6.5cm lure… The correction has now been made…

So… on the morning of Friday, October 17th and I’m back at ‘Pike Pool 1’, arriving on the car park at 0720, albeit heading to a different swim to my last visit, it being in a nice pikey looking corner lined with reeds and overhanging trees with a depth of 11’ about 15 yards out, rising to about 6’ at about 7 yards and 4’ at the bank. But, with hindsight, perhaps I should have returned to the original swim though….

I firstly set up the heftier of my spinning rods – rated for 30g-80g baits – and have a few casts over the area in front of me with my luminescent yellow Savage Gear Soft 4Play lure that I’d been using on the canal trip of my previous session – and realised the error re the lure size made in the posting detailing that trip J. Within a few casts being made I get a tug (well, I *think* it was a tug but may have been a snag on weed BUT something tells me it was a grab….)…. but despite spending another 15-20 minutes casting over and around the area nothing further occurs… so I consider changing the bait to a different pattern and/or size… and at this point I find out I have left all my larger soft Savage Gear lures plus their scull lip attachments at home! L So I was unable to change to another lure … well, so I thought …which shows my addiction to the Savage Gears – as in my bag is a LARGE box of plugs (of which a hard bodied 19cm Savage Gear lure is one and contains probably 30+ other lures up to 24cm)  and which pulled out of the bag in the search and didn’t even notice/consider until I got home and sat down that evening!

At that point I decided it was time to get the dead bait rods out anyway… and rigged them up as per the previous visit to the pool – one floatfished sprat ‘Xmas Tree’ and the other with a herring/sardine popped up, head-down, about 2” from the bottom. But, despite these rods being out in the water from 0845 until 1430, I had not one single touch throughout the rest of the day.

After packing up the dead bait rods I again had a good few casts around with the lure rod – and again, to no avail.

I would have had a rove around the banks with the lure rod as I normally do on these occasions but by that time there were quite a few (all carp/pole anglers as far as I could tell) spread around the banks and I didn’t want to disturb them with my lure casting. Around 10 cars on the car park, so at least 10 anglers out there a not too large 24 peg water. Strange really, as whenever I’ve been out previously – and in mid-summer when you’d think the ‘fair weathers’ would be out, and its not only this particular water – I’m usually the only person there and 2-3 others is as many as one would expect on a ‘busy’ day – but recently every visit has seen around 10 others out there too… As I say, on the pools and canals it’s the same – and not only my main club’s waters. Previous years, Liz and I have been out to the pools, arriving at around 1100, and lure fishing until 1400 and there’s been not another soul there so has been fine for wandering around – but this year it looks like there’ll not be much chance of that happening it the numbers stay the same… Mind you, no big frosts yet and iced over waters so may be things will return to normal when that happens…


Time                                       Air                                          Water

0845                                         14.6                                          12.2
0950                                         14.9                                         12.3
1100                                         16.4                                          12.5
1220                                          17.2                                         12.8
1340                                         18.8                                          13.1
1430                                         16.9                                          13.2

Next week… Tuesday trip to a canal planned… the options being (A) one canal with the bigger lures (13/19cm) for pike, (B) smaller lures/spinners/dropshots for perch/chub on another canal or (C) same canal as B but with bait (worm/maggot)…. And Friday, probably fishing with Liz – 90% that’ll I’ll be piking but Liz may do otherwise…

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