Sessions 53 & 54 – Lakeside Holiday Village, Burnham-on-Sea

A short mention of a couple of short sessions I had whilst on holiday at the Lakeside Holiday Park in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, in the last week.

We stayed at this holiday park around this time last year and enjoyed it so much that we returned this year – and at £38 (on the Sun newspaper’s £9.50 holidays for Liz and myself – as you have to pay for a minimum party of 4 even if there’s only two) it’s great value! This year we were there from Monday 6th October until Friday 10th. For us, one great attraction of the place is the resident’s only fishing lake/pool…


… but the camp itself is excellent – clean, quiet, and with great entertainment.

Anyway, as we did last year we arrived early (around 1300) although you cannot get access to your caravan until around 1530 so that we could book in, register our Environment Agency rod licences (as you must here) and have a few hours lure fishing before collecting the keys and settling in to the van. I fished for a couple of hours but Liz only managed an hour or so before heading to sit in the car with a book. There were a couple of others fishing with float, etc and the one guy was catching a few small 2oz-3oz’ers and so I had to fish around them and try to keep clear and not disturb them. However, I don’t think it made any difference although Liz and I did not have one tug between us.

And early Tuesday morning (7th) I headed out with the leger rods, and laid down a carpet of crumb, maggot, and particles in front of me where the depth dropped from 7’ to 8’ (and the depth sounder also indicated fish around) and fished worm and bread over the carpet. Frequent catapults of maggots were added whilst fishing too. However, by the time I packed in at 1130, I’d only had a few small tugs and no fish had been landed.

A planned full day’s fishing for Liz and myself on the Wednesday was dropped when (a) the weather forecast indicated bad weather and (b) we were unable to extend our stay to the Monday of the following week due to costs involved and the fact we’d have to move caravans which would have been a hassle… last year we managed to get an extension far cheaper and kept the caravan we already had… and so spent the few remaining days doing some sightseeing instead.

Anyway, a silver lining to the non-extended stay cloud is that I’ll now be able to go pike fishing here on Sunday now :).

Air Temp: approx 14C       Water Temp:   14.4C

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