Session 46 – Featuring Barbelless Hooks – Well, Perchless, Chubless, And Any Other Species-less Too…

Monday, September 8th, saw me at the water’s edge on the River Severn again in search of barbel and chub – and perch too, later in the day.

I arrived at my chosen swim for the day and made my first cast of the day, full of hope and confidence, at around 0800 with paste wrapped chilli sausage on a size 2 hook on 10lb line.

2014-09-08 01

Over the next 5 hours, despite changing baits (Liquid Worm infused meat and cheesepaste) and trying different areas within the swim – slack water, crease, faster water and in different areas of each – all I had to show for my efforts was a few small knocks (seemingly small fish nudging the bait) and a couple of slightly more vigorous nudges on the cheesepaste.

Whilst fishing for those 5 hours I’d also been feeding maggots down alongside the near bank to try to get perch on the feed as a fallback and now was the time to capitalise on that… but despite much swirling to the loose fed maggots I was unable to elicit one single bite on light legered maggot or worm or even on freelined small/medium/large worms allowed to drift down 20-30 yards…

And so it was that at 1530 I decided to call it a day and head back home.

Note to myself… taking boilies, pellets, pellet paste, pre-wetted groundbait and extra baits that meant I required the use of my (small porter type) fishing trolley is a NO-NO in future… pulling a trolley over a cow field is HARD WORK!! AVOID in future – limit weight to be manageable in a carry bag!

OK – next outing – with Liz to the carp pool on Friday 15th Sept.

Learnt today that the canal I’ve been fishing recently that I thought was the Shropshire Union for some reason is actually the Staffs-Worcs!! And that means I’ve actually caught a pike from the Staffs-Worcs!! YAAA-HOOOOOOO!!! :)

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