Session 45 – Away To The Silvers/Tench Pool

Friday, September 5th, and Liz and I visit our club’s silver’s and tench pool arriving at the water side around 0815.

I fished my usual peg 11 facing the island with a lily pad patch to my left and Liz chose to fish peg 10 with the lily pad’s to her right.

I fished one float rod (laying-on with maggot and worm) and one leger rod (meat and squid) and Liz fished two rods with swimfeeders, one across the pool to the edge of a lily pad patch on the far bank, the other off the edge of the near bank lily pads to her right using maggot and meat baits.


We actually fished, after prepping tackle and baiting up, from around 0930 and fished until 1615 – and then departed for home stopping off at a local pub holding a beer festival for a much desired beverage.

The fishing was very slow – Liz had one bite early in the day but no fish landed, and I was getting very tentative bites on the float rod but nothing at all on the leger one. I eventually ended up with two small perch plus a few that I struck and felt but the hook pulled free almost immediately – however, at least one of those was a tench or bream, as on retrieval, the hooklength had a glob of ‘snot’ attached to it.


This pool has not fished well, at least for me and I heard that the results of a match held there weren’t as good as usual, since late May. It fished fine through March/April/May and I said in earlier posts that I wish I could catch other species to tench at that time as I was catching well but all tench. Perhaps the water’s too warm – plenty of natural food in there in the form of daphnia, etc as stated in a previous posting – and perhaps a dip in temps will cause a fall in the concentration and cause the fish to have to search for food?


The Nash Deliverance Ball Makers… tried at home and seemed to work well BUT couldn’t get it right at the waterside at all. Problems possibly due to having maggots in the mix causing the balls to break up – and wetting the groundbait more caused it to stick to the walls of the ball maker. More experimentation/practice needed I think!

Hoping to get to the Severn on Monday in search of barbel and chub – possibly perch too.

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