Session 28 – Early Morning On The Staffs-Worcs Canal.

Tuesday, 24th June 2014, at 0430 and I was casting in on the Staffs-Worcs Canal near Wombourne again in my usually favourite peg near Awbridge.

I set up my stall to leger (quivertip) maggot, worm and meat and fed some breadcrumb laced with hookbait samples at the start of the session and then regularly catapulted out further small samples of  hookbaits.

Over the 5.5 hours I fished, I was having bite after bite on maggots and worm but had not a touch on the meat after an hour or so. And the bites received were very quick, albeit very violent, pulls and drops and not many bites were turned into fish on the bank. However, from the fish caught it seems that the reason for this poor bite:capture ratio was due to the size of fish involved – I had 1 gudgeon and 3 chub… but the gudgeon was the largest of the batch which probably totalled a whole 1oz in all!

Usually this swim has been good for perch, decent sized chub … and quite regularly daddy ruffe have been featured too.

Anyway, I packed in around 0930 with a few boats starting to pass and headed back to the car. But I decided to have a look at a couple of stretches (actually, they turned out to be one stretch when I walked them, just approached from opposite ends and met in the middle). I did locate some nice looking areas worth a try for my next outing – but car parking seemed a bit of a problem that needs to be resolved. I need to look on the club’s website to see if they say anything about ‘best places’ for the parking.

I was hoping to get out on Friday, perhaps meet up with a buddy, but weather forecast for the next 10 days indicates at 0200 Friday morning heavy rain starts and then is non-stop until at least the following Friday with the exception of Monday which is dry. To be expected though – this weekend IS Glastonbury Festival weekend after all and it wouldn’t be proper without flooded out tents, mud swimming and all the other fun stuff…

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