Session 24 – Some Days You Really Shouldn’t Even Think Of Getting Out Of Bed II – Reprise On A Theme

And Monday 9th June 2014, was definitely ANOTHER one of THOSE days…

I set off for the tench pool at 0600 arriving there at around 0700. I unloaded the car and took my gear to my chosen peg for the day – Peg 24. On arrival there I baited up, just off the lily pads to the left, with 0.5Kg of breadcrumb laced with dead maggot, gravy granules, bloodworm and halibut pellet and also baited and area to the right with mussel and prawn. And then set up my ‘station’ and rods ready to begin. At this point it was glorious morning with the blue skies and sunshine in abundance.


First casts were made at around 0845, floatfishing worm and maggot by the lily pads and legering mussel out to the right.

For the first hour all was well, despite the lack of bites on either rod, but then the skies darkened and light rain started to fall necessitating the erection of the brolly – and it was good to have that warning as the skies darkened and rain fell heavily and increasingly accompanied by thunder and lightening… however, that cleared after a while and a glimpse of blue skies appeared once more… but not for long as the darkness descended once again and the rain lashed heavier than ever with the thunder getting closer…..


At this point, having had a good dampening, and with the thunder getting closer on each burst I decided as soon as it eased it was time to pack away and head home which I did…

And in the 3 hours I was there… not one bite on either rod…

And, obviously, as I travelled home the skies turned blue, the sun blazed … and has done so ever since!

Tonight there is planned a grass cutting session at the pool and I’d loaded my strimmer to take part in that but I’m not going to make it back. Just finished drying my gear and putting baits away, etc. But I’ve also repacked my gear as to be ready for a trip out on Friday… probably to a pool in Newport – although unlikely to be the pool I visited last week – or I may visit a section of canal that is no longer open to  boats that is also available on that club’s card….

AND NOW… a soak in the bath with a mug of hot chocolate!

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