Session 16 – The Tench Continue Playing Ball…

Ok, today, Tuesday 8th April, it was back for a session on the ’tench’ pool for me. It was only a short session (4.5 hours) due to the weather conditions – cold breeze and bright sunshine which (a) made floatfishing difficult – due to the sun flashes on the rippled water making observation of the float a very intense affair and (b) chilled me to the bone despite only being one fleecy layer less than mid-winter – one of those breezes that bypassed all windproofing of the gear. Also the final decider for packing in was a large ominous black cloud approaching – which did arrive with rain whilst mid-packing down but had passed completely by the time I was done but luckily was not as dampening as it looked. In fact, the weather was all different in appearance than it actually physically was. Also, I set out half an hour earlier than planned due to the blue skies and bright sunshine luring me … and in my haste I left my mobile phone (and I was expecting early morning texts from my girlfriend who is over in the Algarve at the moment) and also left behind my weighing net and so had to improvise with my Korum Mat Bag as a substitute – which actually worked quite well truth be told.

Anyway, I actually fished from around 0800 until 1230 in my current favourite swim, peg 11, using my usual setups for this pool… 11’ Avon rod, 6lb line, 6 hook, prawn, legered and my 13’ Hardy Matchmaker clone, 6lb line, 12 hook, worm, laying on with a 5AAA antenna float.

Pre-tackling up I laid some bait out into the two swims consisting of particles and maggots in a spicy breadcrumb mix. And into the leger swim I also threw out a few prawns and mussels.

Results by the end of the session had all come from the laid-on worm rod with not a single indication of any attention to the leger rod’s prawn bait. And the 4 fish landed (all common tench) were, in order of appearance, 2lb 11oz, 2lb 13oz, 3lb 0oz and 2lb 8oz. I also lost one of around 2.5lb when the hook pulled just as it was coming to the net.

Not massive but a welcome sight nevertheless… but not yet seen any activity from the barbel or perch – or any of the other species that inhabit the pool.

Plans ahead – well, I need to do some re-decorating (in the middle of stripping the kitchen walls and ceiling at the moment) and need to return and finish that job but on Sunday 13th there is a work party taking place on this pool and normally on work party days all our pools are closed to fishing to everyone for the entire day but in an attempt to swell the really rather abysmal numbers that turn up to these work parties, it has been decided to allow the people who do so, to fish the pool from noon. So, as regular attenders (Liz and I), we’ll be there anyway but this time will take some tackle with us for an afternoon session.

Pics of the day:


Choppy water....
Choppy water….
2lb 11oz Tench
2lb 11oz Tench

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