Session 13 – Thanks, Gudgeon!!

Today, Thursday April 3rd I was at the club pool as planned in search of carp with a hope of a possible perch.

Weather over the day was generally misty/overcast although quite muggy with very little air movement and a few light showers.

I fished peg 9 today (for those in the know) as, before the dry winter of 2012/2013 and the drop of over 4 feet in the water level there, there was a large patch of lily pads in that corner and it was a good holding area for perch. However, the pads have not re-appeared since but I hold hope that perhaps they may come back soon. First cast made around 0830 and final wind in around 1500 as I wanted to get some shopping and need to prepare for tomorrow’s action.

I fished 2 rods, both leger, 8lb line straight through to size 6 hooks. One rod baited with bread and/or Yorkshire pud fished out from the bank, the other with worm or prawn fished closer the the bank near where the lily patch existed.

Plenty of 2”-3” lifts of the bobbins on both rods accompanied by beeps from the alarms throughout the session but nothing more brutal. There was a lot of evidence of the usual sardine sized fish of this venue being active – bits of bread thrown on the surface elicited the usual ‘piranah’ type water boiling – and I assume that the numerous twitches, etc were from similar sized fish whittling down the baits as the twitches stopped about 15 mins or so after casting out and when retrieved the hook was bare – both rods.

Anyway, needless to say I would have had a blank – had it not been for an unlucky 3” gudgeon that got foul hooked in the tail at one point.

So a pleasant, if unproductive, day out. And now I’m off to start sorting bait, food, etc ready for tomorrow’s trip to a waterside as per plans hoping for a varied selection of species but especially tench and perch J.

I also noticed, yesterday, that the grass verges along the main thoroughfare through our estate have been cut – a great hunting ground for lobworms although last year they were difficult to find, BUT I also noticed myriads of worm casts too now… and with the warm drizzly weather of the day it may be a good evening to go hunting. So, tiredness permitting, I hope to be down there with my torch later. J

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