Session 12 – In Search Of Grass Carp

Today, Wednesday 2nd April found me on the banks of our most distant club pools – 2 on the same site, both small being only capable of holding 8-10 anglers each. However, they are stocked with many fish species and the pool I fished today contains grass carp – maybe the other one does too but not seen them in there.

OK… so I made my first cast around 0800, having baited two swims… one to my left  with a particle mix plus dead maggots plus a breadcrumb based groundbait containing mango powder and garlic (for grass carp) and one to my right again with particles and dead maggots but this time the groundbait was a chocolate and dried blood one (for general fish).

I started off on the left hand rod legering a piece of Yorkshire Pudding as a pop-up about 12” off the bottom – and a great start as first cast, before the bobbin had been settled, the line flew out – only a small mirror of 15oz but looked good for the day. The right hand swim was fished with a piece of chilli sausage – and this was untouched for the day – and it was removed from the hook at 1530 when I packed in for the day.

The great start with the first cast bite was a bit of a letdown – and for the next hour the YP was untouched until, spotting surface activity, I took off the lead and fished floating YP pieces which put me into a grass carp of around 6-7lb (about the size of the one in the picture in the preceding post) but unfortunately the line gave way as I was about to net it which was upsetting. However, I persevered with the floating YP and had another 3 carp – 1 common and 2 mirrors – however, the largest was 1lb 12oz L

The day was very overcast, quite a cool breeze and several extended showers.

Yorkshire puddings – fantastic floater/pop-up bait! A bag, I think of 20, frozen YPs can be bought from Aldi for 49p – and each gives 2-3 baits, so good value. The advantage over bread is that due to being oily they (1) float extremely well, (2) are more durable – can usually make 2-3 casts with each piece and (3) when a fish takes from the surface not only does it disappear but also, due to the squeezing by the fish, it releases an oily film that flattens rippled water and provides another indication that the fish is holding it and it’s just sunk or been broken up.

No pics today – camera card was corrupted.

Tomorrow I’m off to another club pool – more local as only 5 miles or so compared to the 35 miles of today. So can go out later to get there at same time, leave at same time and back earlier. Target – carp.

Day after – yet another club pool – mid-distance – in search of tench, barbel, perch and bream mainly.

Day after that – club pool about 15 miles away – carp, tench, perch most likely catches.

Day after – rest/replenish stocks day

Day after – one of 2 possible day ticket waters – targets depend on which water.

Day after – back to the tench, barbel, perch, bream pool.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.

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