Plans for next week…

Well, I didn’t manage to get back to the Rock Pool as planned due to other things going on – mainly the need to get the kitchen re-decorated really and still in the midst of doing that. Also I’m not going to manage to be out again now until Wednesday April 2nd at the earliest and so will miss getting out before the end of ‘my personal’ pike season which I observe to run from 1st October until 31st March.

Anyway, my better half is away for a week from Wednesday 2nd until Wednesday 9th  and so I’m planning on having a free week away from chores, etc myself and spending most of my time at the water’s edge.

My first point of call will be made on Wednesday the 2nd at one of our club pools that contains grass carp….

7lb 1oz Grass Carp
One I caught last year at the same location …. 7lb 1oz

… and I hope to emulate the capture a few times… plus the pool also contains many other species that may keep me entertained if the GCs don’t play ball…

Later in the week trips are planned to 3 other different club waters plus possibly 2 trips to day ticket ones.

Later in the month, Sunday 13th April is the first of the club’s planned annual working party days – and I’ve bought a Stihl strimmer from a local auction to help iun that. Last year I was relegated to using a old-fashioned scythe like the on often depicted in stereotypical images of ‘Death’… and it was a very inefficient and back-breaking device and so to try to avoid that I’ve bought this strimmer. However, for the same reasons given as I started this post with, I’ve not actually got round to trying it out yet… so all is a bit fingers crossed on that especially as it cost me the best part of £100 to start with!

So for me, the next few days will be spent doing as mush as possible in the kitchen plus sorting out tackle and getting food for fishing days together – plus boiling up hemp, etc, locating a decent source of maggots as my previous supplier no longer exists and buying them, worm digging and all the other usual bait sourcing and prep.

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