Session 10 – It’s A Dozen – Nothing Changes….

So Liz and I ventured out from the house at 0800 in search of pike at the usual pool. And that was the first bad choice… hit all the school/works traffic and probably doubled our usual journey time. Also the paths are still very muddy and drawing an angling barrow with two lots of kit on board was hard work especially across the car park area. Having to park at the far end of the car park away from the pool due to the area being dug up by the lorries, etc that access the area also means that besides being boggy it is also the maximum distance to pull and over large lorry tyre ruts. Anyway, we didn’t actually get baits into the water until 1000 – despite the pool being normally 30 mins from home.

As I said, the target species of the day were pike… and we both fished two rods with deadbaits, each fishing one rod with a pop-up sardine fished head down between 3” and 12” from the bottom and the other rod with a half deadbait – Liz fished a tail half herring, myself a tail half trout. Baits were twitched and re-cast several times over the next couple of hours to no avail… although I did have a few beeps from the bite alarm a couple of times as seemingly carp swam into the line but as on inspection of the baits nothing was noticeable… and at 1230 we packed down our bait rods and set up the lure rods for an hour’s lure fishing, fishing several swims on our way back to the car park. Myself I fished a 19cm/52g Savage Gear Fungus Roach soft 4Play lure in a red scull lip, Liz tried a couple of small hard plugs. Results per usual – not a touch or hint of any attention from Mr Lucius at all.

We left the water at around 1400 and headed home, stopping off at our local “Belly Buster” café for a well received hot butty and a cold glass of milk.

Weather on the day was reasonable – air rose from 7C up to around 13.5C by 1100 but then as the sky clouded the temp dipped and moved around in the 8C-10C band – and the freshening breeze was cool. Water temps was a reasonable 6.3C-6.5C.

Plans for the future – not too sure about the next week or so – I need to sort out redecorating the kitchen, already stripped the top layer of paper off but need to remove the old backing paper. Also paint to be stripped from the ceiling, and sticky backed wood effect plastic to be stripped from drawers and cupboard doors – and then the whole lot re-painted – and I want to get this done before the end of March. Also need to visit doctor later this week, get car MOT’ed and taxed, and several other jobs sorted – so I might have a fortnight off the water – but hopefully I’ll find a way to manage to get one trip in though.

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