The Beginning Of A New Year’s Blogging….

It is now 1st March 2014 and time to start a new year’s recording of my angling exploits. In essence the online blog will just continue remorselessly onwards, in an unbroken series of postings… but I also maintain a .DOC file version as an annual archive and its now time for the closing of the March 2013-February 2014 edition and the  start of the March 2014–February 2015 edition… and this will constitute the first posting in  it.

Looking back, 2013-2014 has been a reasonable season – some reasonable catches, a few new species caught, a few new Personal Bests recorded – despite the dearth of results (blanks with only a very few ‘almosts’) on the last 11 trips. But as they say, ‘Onwards and Upwards!’ and a new start is imminent. Liz also had a good year although she’s not managed to get out much in the last few months.

Last night was my club’s (AA) AGM… we’re giving up (well, trying to sell as we own the rights) a stretch of river that is (a) little fished and (b) unfishable due to the state of the banks and the local council is not providing help to make it usable at all. We had a chance of acquiring a new stillwater (reportedly an excellent water too) but finances weren’t in place at the time to be able to do so… hopefully with the sale of the river we will have a fund to do so for the next time one becomes available and the club is building a contingency fund for the future. Another water was also looked into – but at £250,000, well J Anyway, as usual the night’s free buffet was excellent and good to catch up with a few people.

OK, plans…. On Monday 3rd March, Liz and I are proposing to have a piking session at the usual pool. I’m determined to catch a pike this season – and it would be good to catch it for the first of the new year’s blogs!!

So OK….. we’re away!! J

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