A Tale Of Broken Reels, New Rods and Plans For The Next Week…

In my previous blog I mentioned a broken reel which in turn has rendered a rod inoperable, at least for a while anyway.

So a few words on each item and concluding with my plans for next week…


This is the second time I’ve suffered damage to this make and model of reel and both damages were on the seating/fitting area.
The reels are both Shakespeare Omni-X (130 size) – of the old light blue coloured version. The newer version of the same model is of a grey colour and so the difference is easily noticeable – although that’s not to say that the newer model won’t also be prone to the same damage – or that any other model/make is any different either – just that both occurances have been incurred, by myself, have been on the model in question.

In the first case, the shaft from the reel to the foot that fits to the rod snapped halfway along its length and in the second, latest, case the bottom half of the foot snapped off – and left the broken piece inside the reel fitment device of the rod in such a way that I am unable currently to get it out. (As an aside – I’ll need to saw a narrow slot in the fitting and then drill a small hole into the broken piece of reel and hopefully be able to insert a small nail or pin into the hole to allow the piece to be slid back out). In both cases, the reels themselves cannot be repaired due to the cast metal build – and if so would probably cost more in time, trouble and parts than the cost of just buying a replacement reel – and I think I’ve a spare reel or two already I can utilise anyway.

I think the breakage in both cases was due to the fact that I use a ‘quiver’ type rod holdall whereby the fully pre-tackled rods, complete with reel and end tackle, fit to the outside of the case unlike the more usual type where the rods are carried, untackled, inside the case and have to be tackled at the waterside. As I hate wasting time setting up at the water’s side the rod quiver method suits me best of all. However, there is a tendency for the reels to catch on other items of tackle in the car boot if left uncovered due to the angles, etc. To resolve this, Liz, my other half has made me some reel pouches – basically, a pouch with a velcro strip along the edge  and a flap also velcro’d –  the reel sits in the pouch, the flap wraps around the rod handle and fastens to itself by use of the velcro strips. The pouches are also padded to add protection plus when in sitru on the rod/reel they remove the angles and corners that cause the snagging. However, I have more rod/reel combos currently than I have pouches – and both cases of breakage the rod/reels were being carried without the prorection of a pouch. Possibly I need a few more pouches?


As I said previously in the reel section, the remedy of situation is not easy and will take time to perform if such a thing does turn out to be feasible. But I do need the rod as part of my fishing plans for next week – or for a replacement to be obtained.

The rod was a Mitchell ‘Fire’ – an 2.42 metre (ca 8′) – spinning rod that I obtained from Go Outdoors a while ago, purchased as a rod/reel combo for £9.99. Actually the rod is a cracking rod, and has dealt with pike up to almost 21lb effortlessly BUT the reel is really a load of tat even coming as it did pre-loaded with line and that was removed and replaced with a better reel and more suitable line on the day of purchase. The reel is so bad that I maintain the rod without the reel would sell at £29.99 but they have to cut the price on the combo to make up for the reel! :D

So seeing that Go Outdoors still sold a £9.99 rod/reel spinning combo I thought replacement would be easy – go in, buy, come out. But in fact the current deal features a different rod and reel… the reel seemingly of the ilk of the current one but didn’t look too closely at that as I wasn’t really bothered about it, just the rod was my primary concern. And the rod was completely different – not a Mitchell ‘Fire’ but something from Shakespeare – the ‘Firebird'(?) – and instead of 2.42 metres it was 2.10 metres (ca 7’) and also didn’t feel as powerful a rod as the Mitchell ‘Fire’ either. So that left me in a bit of a dilemna until I thought to look at the specialist rack of spinning rods and there I found 3 direct options for 2.42 metre rods plus one other of interest….

  • A Leeda spinning rod – right length but like the Shakespeare one it felt a bit lacking in power. £12.99
  • A Ron Thompson spinning rod – felt nice and good power BUT had an overlarge butt ring to my thinking. As Dick Walker himself said, there’s absolutely no need for any rod ring to be larger that 10mm – beyond that and it will often impair performance in casting rather than enhance it. The RT rod one was at least 25mm! I hate the aesthetics they create too! £9.99
  • A Mitchell ‘Catch’ spinning rod – which apart from different name and colour of the blank felt identical to my Fire’. £12.99
  • The other rod of interest was another Ron Thompson spinning rod of same feel powerwise but slightly longer at 2.70 metres (ca 9′). £9.99

So obviously the rod of my choice was the Mitchell ‘Catch’ – so I trot to the counter clutching £15 in my hands to pay, the assistant scans the rod’s bar code and says ‘£7.97, please’. It seems there’s currently a Go Outdoors promotion of some sort in progress – not too sure the details of it, just  the fishing section?, storewide?, etc. Anyway, I came away feeling very happy with that! I may return and get that Ron Thompson 2.70 metre rod now it fits within the promotion – can always remove and replace that terrible butt ring within half an hour.

So at the moment, I’ve got the rod I need for next week’s planned outing, and there’s the possibility of repairing the broken original at some time in the future. Happy bunny! :)

See: http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/mitchell-catch-spinning-rod-8ft-p260923 for the Mitchell ‘Catch’ specification.


At the moment I’m planning on a Staffs-Worcs canal trip first locally, on Monday, in search of chub and perch, fishing on the quivertip with luncheon meat and prawns as the predominant baits (pellets and boilies are not allowed on the stretch where I intend fishing) with bread as a backup and dead maggots as bait and loose feed – and probably small balls of groundbait (mainly crumb) will come into play too. And I will also take a few dips/flavours to enhance the baits.

Later in the week, possibly Thursday or Friday, I’ll be taking my new spinning rod out to my club’s section of the Shropshire Union Canal in search of pike and perch…

I was originally hoping to make three trips out next week. but the weather for Tuesday and Wednesday looks a bit dodgy, but if Wednesday should start to look good then I may go out to the Staffs-Worcs a little further afield than Monday’s destination in search of some larger perch, again with the lure rod in hand.

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