Session 57 – Carping On….

Friday 1st November 2013 found me heading to the waterside of one of the club’s mainly carp pools in Staffordshire (GH) arriving at my chosen peg for the day (18) at around 0800-0815, the peg being chosen for 2 reasons (a) I like the peg and is one of my main two selections whenever I go there and (2) it faces north and with the forecast for the day of light->heavy rain and winds from the south it seemed reasonable to place the brolly in its optimum location to shelter – and also the back of the swim is lined with bushes adding further wind protection. However, it was in general quite a nice day – mild and generally very calm but with a few (< 5 min) light showers until 1500 when the heavy rain started – and I packed up and left at this stage as the rain was forecast to continue into the evening.

So, the brolly was set up and tackle prep completed and several large Spombs (c) of dead maggots were sent out to bait up the swim, and lines went into the water at 0845. Fished 2 rods on the pod – both 11′ Grandeslam 1.75lb TC Avons fitted with 8lb line with 6″ 8lb braid hooklengths. One rod had a size 6 hook and was baited with bread, the other a size 12 baited with 6-8 maggots.

At 0920 the first fish of the day was landed, a 4lb common carp, taken on the maggot rod. The thoughout the day a number of fish were taken – common carp and bream – and also a couple lost including a very large – it would almost certainly have been a new PB for me – common carp which I had played for 10-15 minutes and which was almost ready for the net when the braid hooklength snapped – devastating!!

At around midday, due to carp activity on the surface, I took off the lead from the bread rod and tried floating bread. I had 3 takes over a couple of hours, 2 of which I missed and 1 landed.

Anyway, the ones that were landed were (in order of capture):

  • 4lb 0oz Common Carp (maggot)
  • 6oz Bream (maggot)
  • 1lb 3oz Bream (bread)
  • 1lb 7oz Bream (maggot)
  • 3lb 13oz Common Carp (maggot)
  • 3lb 9oz Common Carp (maggot)
  • 2lb 13oz Common Carp (maggot)
  • 1lb 3oz Bream (maggot)
  • 3lb 0oz Common Carp (maggot)
  • 14lb 0oz Common Carp (floating crust)

Although most fish were taken on maggot, bread was attracting its fair share of bites but generally just small twitches and nothing of note to strike at really. Possibly a smaller hook and bait may have been more rewarding? But then again if it had have been then I probably would have taken one rod in as it would have been possibly too hectic with both rods out…

As I said, I packed up at 1510 – the BBC Weather forecasters having got it spot on with ‘heavy rain at 3pm’ … 1445 was fine and I was thinking of staying until 1600 but at 1501 the skies darkened and the rain built up leading me to pack up at 1510. By the time I got to the car I was drowned – and arrival home to a hot bath and hot choc was *WONDERFUL*!


  • 0845        Air Temp:     10.8
  • 0945        Air Temp:     10.2            Water Temp: 10.8
  • 1000        Air Temp:     11.3            Water Temp: 10.9
  • 1200        Air Temp:     12.2            Water Temp: 10.8
  • 1250        Air Temp:     12.0            Water Temp: 10.8
  • 1445        Air Temp:     12.1           Water Temp: 10.9
  • 1510        Air Temp:     10.8            Water Temp: 11.0

            Min Air:  9.2                Min Water: 10.2
            Max Air: 12.4              Max Water: 11.0

Pics of the Day:

First fish of the day: 4lb 0oz Common Carp
First fish of the day: 4lb 0oz Common Carp
Last fish of the day: 14lb 0oz Common Carp
Last fish of the day: 14lb 0oz Common Carp

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