Session 56 – Back to the pool….

Tuesday, October 29th 2013 and a visit was again made to the non-carp&pike pool, fishing from 0800 until 1400.

Peg fished was the usual peg 11 by the end of the island – and again the tactics used were 1 rod fished laying-on style, 6lb line and hooks 16 or 14  baited with maggot or worm and 1 rod legered, 6lb line, size 6 hook baited with prawn. Before tackling up, the float swim was baited up with dead maggots – and topped up with same at regular intervals, and the leger swim had a few prawns introduced.

First fish of the day came to the float rod with double maggot on a size 16 hook at about 0915 – a 12oz perch. At around 0940 I switched the hook on this rod to a size 14 baited with worm and this brought an immediate bite but unfortunately after about 15 seconds the hook was shed. And not long after another good fish was hooked but again lost when it gained sanctuary in the lily pads to my left – and not helped by the spool of the reel falling off needing attention to the resultant twists and turns from that event at that time either. I continued having sport on the float rod and had another 3 perch but all of only around 3-4oz in weight. Then at 1300 I had another take from a better fish – and landed a 2lb 3oz tench – which had a badly damaged mouth, I’m sorry to say, with half of it’s lips missing.

The leger rod did not register a single take all day.

Air temperature started on the day at around 11C at 0800, dropped to 7.4C by around 0900 but then increased to 14.1C by 1200. However, with a cool and increasing breeze it felt cooler.

Water temp remained fairly constant at 10.3C with a few ‘blips’ of momentary registered changes…

Min. Air:         7.4C                  Max Air:          14.1C
Min Water:  10.1C                  Max Water:   10.5C                        (But 99.99% of time was 10.3C)

12oz Perch
12oz Perch

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