Session 54 – In Search Of Esox Lucius…

Tuesday, 15th October 2013, and I ventured to one of the club pools accompanied by my two pike rods and  my lure rod.

Arrived on the pool at 0715 – a bit early really as I’d taken Liz in to work on the way, normally I’d have come out a little later.

I spent the first 30-40 minutes with the lure rod fishing a gold 13cm Savage Gear Soft 4Play lure in a medium sized red lip-scull but with no action or follows evident. I then changed over to the 2 pike rods and fished legered half mackerel on one rod and popped-up full sardine on the other – and again action was denoted by the very lack of… a few adrenaline moments when, presumably, passing carp nudged the line and knocked the alarms into life but other than that, nothing. Then at 1345 I packed the pike rods and main tackle away and had another session on the lure rod but changing the lure to a another Savage Gear Soft 4Play lue in the red lip scull – this time a Fungus Roach pattern. Finally, after another 30-45 mins with the lure I admitted defeat and decided to head back home via Sainsbury’s in order to pick Liz up who was finishing at 1530. Then home to a great coffee and a soak in the bath.

There were a few other angler’s arrived during the day but I could only really see one from my position – but he seemed to be doing the business with the carp, I think… regularly landing fish throughout the day. And that has decided for me my next angling expedition’s destination – back to the ‘everything but carp and pike pool’ (aka the tench pool) on Thursday when the weather is forecast fine again.

Temps today weren’t too bad…
Air on arrival was 11.2, dipped to 9.1 around 0900, but rose again steadily after that for the rest of the day ending at 15.2…
Water temp was constant all day at 11.9.

Min Air: 9.1               Max Air: 15.5
Min Water: 11.9       Max Water: 11.9

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