Session 51, 52 and 53 – Lakeside Holiday Park, Burnham on Sea, Somerset

We were on holiday last week – on a holiday park with a lake – as can be discerned from its name obviously!

Fishing the lake was free and available to residents only – and listed species included tench, bream, perch, pike, carp, etc all up to reasonable size.


On the day of arrival we (Liz and I) arrived early, booked in and showed our EA licences to the people at reception as required and ventured on to the lake to do a spot of lure fishing whilst we waited for the time to collect the caravan keys. We fished for a good hour or so, Liz with a 9.5cm Savage Lure ‘Fungus Roach’ Soft 4Play lure, and myself with various 13cm versions of the same (Perch, Goldfish and Dirty Roach), and fished most of the available bank. Neither of us had a touch or follow.


A couple of days later I had a 0800-1030 session on deadbaits – one rod legered half-mackerel and another rod with a popped-up full sardine. I had a few indications on both baits – but were either quickly aborted takes or possibly line bites as about 1′-2′ of line was taken each time before the bobbins dropped back.


This was a full day session on the standard ‘coarse’ gear. Swims were baited up with breadcrumb and maggots. Both Liz and I had 2 rods out on the pods and alarms. Liz with swimfeeder and used maggot, meat and boilie baits without a single bite. Myself, I straight legered with bread, worm and prawn baits. I had about 4-5 bites in total on all baits and captured a perch of around 6oz on worm literally in the last few seconds before we were due to pack up.

Next session likely to be next week (or possibly this weekend), piking on one of the club pools.

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