Session 50 – A Pool Re-visited (Attack Of The Minis)

Tuesday September 24th 2013 saw a return to a club pool (KW) that I’d not visited since the beginning of April this year.

I arrived at 0715, departed at 1630.

Fished 2 leger rods on pods with identical set ups – 8lb mainline to 8lb braid hooklength with size 6 hooks – and a selection of baits – meat-based boilies, bread, prawn and luncheon meat.

Two good fish lost – first one when I struck, felt the fish for a second and then the line slackened and found out that the braid had snapped just above the hook – the second when I’d removed the lead from one of the rods and cast out a floating bread bait to a spotted fish taking floaters near a floating plant patch, he took but I missed him on the strike and although I don’t think he felt the hook he disappeared from the area afterwards.

Fishing in general was hard work! Due to the fine summer we’ve had it seems that spawning was very successful this year as the water seemed to absolutely full of small carp and roach (and from reports from others, tench and other species too). Throw in bread and the water erupted like a piranah attack! But these small fish soon made short work of any bait offered by whittling it down until within 5 minutes there was nothing left on the hook at all – inc boilies. Consequently, the day was full of leaping/twitching bobbins but with little reward – and most rewards were small carp of 2-3oz usually foul hooked around the head/mouth area, The two best fish of the day were a 14oz mirror carp and a roach of about 8oz which was fairly hooked and had taken a bait of luncheon meat that started out at around 1/2″ square by 3/4″ long.

So really that’s all to report bar the temps…

Water: Min 15.2, Max 15.6
Air:  Min 15.2, Max 25.4

So that’s it for this week… as no more fishing this week as I’ll be prepping tackle, etc to take on holiday next week.
And the next few blog posts – re: fishing on the hol – will probably be delayed until the week we return home.

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