Session 47 – Drop Shotting on the Shropshire Union Canal.

Friday, 13th September 2013 and at 0800 I was on the banks of the Shropshire Union Canal near Wolverhampton.

Weather was reasonable – overcast with a threat to rain to start but brightened up nicely over the course of the morning.
Water was slightly coloured but not murky.

My tackle consisted of a Mitchell 2.42 metre (8ft 6in) spinning rod used with a mainline of 30lb braid to which the dropshot rig of a size 1/0 de-barbed Aberdeen hook fitted with small a small jelly lure and weighted at the bottom, 15″ below the lure, with a 1/2oz bomb.

See: for info on how to tie a drop-shot rig

See: for UK canal drop shotting info, tackle and techniques.
This is actually created by a local and very respected angler at my local canal! :)

As you will gather from the two cited videos above, my kit is not the ‘proper’ stuff but mish-mashed from from normal gear – but no reason why it shouldn’t works as effectively though if the the technique is correct.

Anyway, to cut a long story short.
Well, in actuallity I’ve just made a short story longer, as the story was shot anyway! DOH!!!

My lure to start was a small (ca 3in) pale gold jelly fish not too dissimilar to that that Stewart shows in the second video above – if anything a slightly subdued version of that.


Later, after several boats had passed through I switched to a slightly larger jelly with a bright red top body, pale cream underbody and a twin fluttery tail in order to increase its ‘presence’ in the murky muddied waters kicked up by those boats…..


So, it transpired that over the 3 hours I walked and fished about 1/2 mile of canal that I did not get one inkling of a fishy interest – and there ARE fish in there – I’ve had previously had pike, perch and chub from that stretch albeit by normal lure techniques or wobbling sprats. In fact, there is one perch that I swear is closer to 3lb in weight than 2lb – I’ve hooked it twice (OK – it may be different fish but at least that increases the chances of catching, yeah?) but both times its done a dolphin roll on the surface and thrown the hook – and now its become a PERSONAL battle!! :D

At this time (1100) I was also suffering a bit of back fatigue and aches so I decided to call it a day and changed over to a standard lure setup using a 9.5cm 4Play Soft Savage Gear Fungus Roach jelly in a small lip scull and headed back to the car stopping at the more inviting looking areas for a few casts. But all was in vain and I arrived back at the car at 1200 still without and activity – no pulls, follows, pluck, etc.

But the boat traffic was also picking up at this time – at one point 4 boats in convoy passed by with one boat going the other way at the same time… a sort of watery M6, I suppose.

Pics of the day:

Shropshire Union Canal - 13-09-20013
Shropshire Union Canal – 13-09-20013
Shropshire Union Canal - 13-09-20013
Shropshire Union Canal – 13-09-20013


Next trip probably will be Monday or Tuesday of next week – possibly to one of the club pools I’ve not visited since at least March or maybe back to the non-carp pool… and later in the week we may to travelling out to Much Wenlock to a couple of the club’s pools over there that Liz said she wanted to return to….

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