Session 44 – The Hunt For Elusive Barbel Continues….

Friday 30th August 2013 at 1215 saw me heading to the Severn at Hampton Loade, Kinver Freeliner’s day ticket stretch, in search of the barbel that have been eluding me this season.

I  arrived at around 1300 and wandered down in search of a swim – and found my usual swim just up of the fallen tree, already taken by two other anglers, so I elected to fish a swim 2 or 3 upstream of them. I fished the swim for an hour or so – but it was a bit muddy as it seemed that the run-off from some crop spraying was running down that way and with no bites I decided to move to the 3-platform swim just a bit further upstream where I spent the rest of my day until packing up at 2030.

Anyway, suffice to say I blanked again, not only barbel-wise but all-species-wise this time. Highlight of the day came at 1745 when the rod slammed over but immediately whipped back, the bait having been stolen from the hook. Other than that I had a few tiny nibbly type bites, possibly eels.

Baits were meat mainly used with the occasional cheese ball boilie used in hope of luring a chub.

So that was the day for me… and my first 2013-2014 season barbel still remains to be caught. Maybe next Wednesday when Liz and I are planning to visit the Severn… this time on the BAA waters at Blackstone.

Photo of the day:


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