Session 37 – No Carp But Rudd, Roach And Tench

Monday 22nd July 2013 saw Liz and I enroute to the club’s tench (well, tench are the predominant species but also perch, roach, rudd, barbel, crucians, etc) pool at 0700 arriving approximately 0745 and choosing to fish two swims that we’d previously never fished.

Weather was warm with hazy sunshine.

On arrival I spomb’ed out a few spombs of mixed particles (hemp, maize, wheat) along with some small cubes of luncheon meat and dead maggots on to the edge of the lily pads that separated our two swims. We both fished laying-on style with a 6BB onion float shotted with a 3SSG shot 3″ from the hook and 2 AAA shot just below the overdepth float and baited with maggot (me) and meat, maggot and corn (Liz). By noon we’d not caught a thing although we did have small float nudges and I dropped off three fish of a few inches.

Anyway, at this time we made a decision to move on to the adjacent carp pool for the rest of the day to try our luck there. This pool is SUPPOSED to contain only carp and chub as far as I know but although our catches did include chub (1 each of around 6oz) and Liz did lose a good carp when her hook knot failed, the predominant species caught were rudd with a few roach too… and I did also have a tench of around 1lb. I suppose in the 3 hours or so we fished I had around 12/15 roach & rudd, 1 tench and 1 chub and Liz had 3 roach and rudd and lost that carp.

So not a very productive day but the tench pool can be very moody and to be honest we’ve had very good sessions the previous half a dozen trips or so there so not unexpected really. And at least we had solace in the fact that a tern fishing in the pool seemed to have a bad day of it too… many dives but no results… unlike one we saw on another pool last year that was catching one every dive! :)

Liz did spot a badger wandering down the far bank of the pool too that I missed completely otherwise I’d have had its photo on here!! As it is, no photos from this session at all.

Now looking forward to a session on the canal tomorrow – around 0500 start until 0930/1000 time. Again I’m heading to a new swim on BAA water – a change from the WDAA canal waters that I’ve been fishing recently- and one that is actually in Des Taylor’s ‘Fishing In The Midlands’ book – a swim with a nice Mr Crabtree type feature there so hoping for the best. Will be fishing legered/quivertipped maggot and meat with a dunking in various flavoured dips – chopped worm, bloodworm, predator plus and krill being the ones being taken with me.

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