Session 34 – A Private Pool…

Saturday 13th July 2013, fishing from 0700 to 1830, at a private, normally unfished, pool that the club gets an invitation to fish over 5 weekends of the year with 6 anglers allowed per day session and each contributing £10 to the local church funds.

The pool has a good head of tench, carp and perch of good size. Not sure about the bream situation as in 3 years of taking advantage of the invite at this pool neither Liz or myself have caught one – and although we have not caught perch there either we do know of good sized ones being caught by others.

Weather of the day was a continuation of the hot (mid- to high 20’s) temps, accompanied by almost clear blue skies that had been the order of the day for a week or more previous to the visit.

We arrived at the pool around 0620 in order to get our desired swim by the dam wall and to tackle up and be ready for the 0700 start of fishing. Liz started by laying-on with her float setup, fishing with sweetcorn on her size 16 hook tied directly to 8lb main line whilst I setup a 1.75lb TC leger rod with 1/2oz bomb on a running link 12″ above my size 6 hook and started fishing with luncheon meat cylinders (cut out with an apple corer). I also set up my floating bait rod – 30lb greased braid connected via a cork ball enclosed swivel to 3′ of 10lb monofilament terminated with a size 2 hook. Pre-tackling I also catapulted out a particle mix feed of hemp, maize, and wheat.

Over the course of the day Liz also set up her 2 1.75lb TC leger rods and at various times fished 1 float and 1 leger or both leger rods together. Myself stuck with my original leger rod, and although I did try floating baits from time to time the floating bait rod lay unused really for 99% of the day.

Baits used over the day between us – sweetcorn, maggot, bread (with/without dip), luncheon meat.

Results – well, I caught greater numbers but Liz was certainly the ‘winner’ in the quality stakes! :)

  • Steve – 4lb 6oz Mirror Carp, bread
  • Steve – 2lb 7oz Tench, bread (but foul hooked in pectoral fin)
  • Steve – 2lb 5oz  Tench, bread
  • Steve – 4lb 0oz Common Carp, bread
  • Liz – 2lb 7oz Tench, luncheon meat
  • Steve – 1lb 1oz Tench, bread
  • Steve – 1lb 14oz Tench, bread
  • Steve – 4lb 7oz Common Carp, bread
  • Steve – 4lb 13oz Common Carp, bread
  • Liz – 5lb 2oz Common Carp, luncheon meat
  • Liz – 10lb 3oz Common Carp, luncheon meat
  • Steve – 1lb 9oz Tench, bread
  • Liz – 10lb 4oz Common Carp, luncheon meat

Anyway, a great day out, and much enjoyed. And Liz has a qualifying entry for a ‘Mission Accomplished’  badge from ‘Improve Your Coarse Fishing’  magazine for her 10lb 4oz carp. Actually, any of her three carp would qualify as the minimum weight is 5lb but, interestingly, none of mine would!

There were 3 other anglers on the pool who fished the far bank from us. They seemed to catch more but possibly not of our quality – and 2 of them seemed to lose a few too, esp. the one guy who seemed to have hook pull after hook pull.. :(

Anyway, looking forward to our return next year!! :)

Pics of the day:

Common Carp - 4lb 7oz
Common Carp – 4lb 7oz
Mirror Carp - 4lb 6oz
Mirror Carp – 4lb 6oz


Liz with 10lb 3oz Common Carp
Liz with 10lb 3oz Common Carp
Liz with 10lb 4oz Common Carp
Liz with 10lb 4oz Common Carp


Attentive and ready for action!
Attentive and ready for action!
Fish have pee'd in there, you dirty cow!
Fish have pee’d in there, you dirty cow!


2013-07-13 03
The Pool…
2013-07-13 02
The Pool


2013-07-13 01
The Pool
2013-07-13 Mallards
Mallard Boy’s Outing


2013-07-13 Mallard Duck
Mrs Mallard
2013-07-13 Mallard Drake
Mr Mallard


Plans for next week still to be determined but Liz won’t be fishing she says – but will do the following Monday. So I’m a bit undecided – probably go one day to the tench pool, and another day to another of the club pools with possibly an early morning canal session thrown in too…  Ummmmmm…….

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