Session 32 – In which Liz and Steve fished in California….

Tuesday 9th July Liz and I took a short trip to California for our fishing session… California, of course, being the name of the pool (there being 11 pools in total there available on day ticket) we fished at the Kingsnordley Fishery near Quatford in Shropshire. It was the first time we’d been to Kingsnordley, and prompted by our obtaining a ‘2 for 1, Sport for All’ voucher from the Sun newspaper. Not that the fishing is expensive there – £5 a day for 10 of the pools and £8 for the other pool, the specimen (‘House’) pool.

It was a glorious day weatherwise – for us – very hot and sunny – but not the ideal angling conditions for a good days sport albeit that we caught a fair few fish up to 1lb (bream, carp, and perch mainly) with a signal crayfish too for good measure – and had 2 other crays come off. Liz also lost a very good bream when she suffered the hook losing its hold. Plenty of fish cruising – some nice sized carp amongst them – but not really in the mood for feeding although I did tempt one to take a piece of crust but missed on the strike and a guy in the late afternoon had one on the far bank.

We fished from around 0900 to 1800….

We did walk and look at 8 of the 11 pools before starting to fish – Willow and Kingfisher being a bit distant at the time – and although we thought we’d seen Gage Pool, in fact we were looking at the wrong pool – the one we mistakenly looked at was a private club pool.

However, despite the lack of substantial result on this visit we so liked the look of the pools so much so that as Arnie said “We’ll be back!”……

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