Session 27 – A Visit To Kno-“Barb”-Wle Sands

Yep, yesterday (18th June) I visited the River Severn at the BAA’s Knowle Sands fishery on my first river session of the new season.

Day was bright but not ‘sunny’ and was very warm and humid.

Arrived at about 7:30am at the Section 3-4 car park and proceeded down to the river side – all looked good bar maybe a little on the low side. Had a wander down 200-300 yards of bank on Meadow 4 but was unable locate a decent spot to fish and so I headed upstream onto Meadow 3 where I found a nice looking area. Fished there without a touch for 2-3 hours fishing meat then moved a little further upstream and fished meat, cheese paste and pellet paste for another 2 hours or so.

Not a single nibble all day as you can surmise from the title of this page – be it from barbel, chub or anything in fact.

My best mate also fished the same stretch – 3 swims, 2 rods, 3 baits – for a good 4 hours and also was completely biteless in that time.

Oh well, I suppose I’ve got my session 28 to look forward to – a tench session with Liz on Friday 21st at the club’s pool.

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