Session 25 – In Which I Earn A Chequebook And Pen….

Session 25 took place on Friday 7th June 2013… and with Liz with me we set off for a day at the BAA Nordley Pools at…. wait for it!… Nordley! :D Which is on the Bridgnorth to Broseley Road about 4-5 miles out from Bridgnorth. Fished from 0800 to 1700

There are 6 pools there and on this session Liz and I chose to fish Pool 3 – the second time we’ve fished this one. We’ve not fished Pool 1, have fished Pool 2 once, the first time we ever went to Nordley, Pool 4 we’ve fished several times, Pool 5 I’ve fished for about an hour (was a wander visit when fishing Pool 4 once), and Pool 6 is very small and usually full of duckweed and unfishable anyway although yesterday it was clear of the weed.

We set off from home at 0630, arriving at the pool around 7:30am and selecting to fish the car park side of the pool a couple of pegs up from the near corner. I baited up with a few balls of white breadcrumb laced with particle mix and dead maggots to start the day and we occasionally topped up area with particle and maggots mix via catapult throughout the day.

The day was bright and sunny throughout albeit with a chilly easterly breeze predominantly that made for a shiver or two when the sun was obscured, water very clear.

Set ups were 2 rods-on-pods –  1.75lb TC rods, 8lb line straight through. My rods were straight legers, Liz’s with feeders. For bait I used at various times bread, cockles, prawn, sweetcorn, and meat on size 6 hooks, and Liz generally used maggot and corn on size 12s. I also, later in the day, with cruising carp visible tried catapulting out floating baits (crust and dog biscuit) to no avail – and Liz switched to floatfishing maggot on one rod (her 13′ float rod) whilst still ledgering with one of the original rods for the last couple of hours.

Results of the day – not one touch at all for me, and Liz managed to catch 2 perch of 1-2oz on the float rod and had a couple of twitches on legered pop-up corn.

There were certainly signs of fish – with bow waves, jumps and ‘sharking’ (back and tail showing out of water) especially later in the afternoon but as I say they weren’t interested in feeding, even on the surface. Also it was good to watch a bit of nature at work for a couple of minutes – there was a small bay at my peg and a large shoal of 1″ fry were herded in there by a few 4″-5″ perch and, when they were entrapped there, the perch made a charge into the ‘fry ball’ causing major panic!

Anyway, it was a nice day to be out albeit better when in the sun helping to cancel the breeze’s chill…

And when I got home I discovered the June edition of the BAA’s newsletter had been put on-line – and one of the topics was conflicting Nordley Pool results…  There were a series of photographs of a number of carp caught by someone in a couple of  Nordley 2 sessions … and in the ‘Reader’s Letters’ section a posting decrying the lack of fish caught in a match on Nordley 4 (avg 6oz per competitor). Rather than repeat the report and responses, the newsletter in full can be seen at:

Pics of the day:

2013-06-07 Pool 4 (4) 2013-06-07 Pool 4 (3) 2013-06-07 Pool 4 (2)2013-06-07 Pool 4 (1)

OK, that’s that then for now…. and now thinking of session 26 – probably an early morning canal session on Tuesday 11th…. and session 27 – possibly carping on a club pool on Thursday 13th … and session 28 when I should be on the first session of a new river season on the River Severn on either Monday 17th or Tuesday 18th.

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